New piece: Cotyledon

The group this year was supposed to be related to some poems under the group title “Sketches,” but I found I couldn’t tie the inspirations to specific poems. Instead, they seemed to relate to other images floating in my imagination or in response to the music itself. So any poems or quotes I run across that I want to share will just be posted separately. (Sheet music link below photo). Please check out the link at the right side of the blog for a “shortcut” list of all previously published New Age sheet music.

Tiny seedlings



Nature Poem

I’m not so sure I understand the being food part of this poem (I suppose it means in the sense of feeding other people’s artistic needs as well as splitting a sandwich) but since I’ve heard it in a class and discovered it has appeared on blogs such as this one – I thought I’d share it with you:

To be of the Earth is to know:

the restlessness of being a seed,

the darkness of being planted,

the struggle toward the light,

the pain of growth into the light,

the joy of bursting and bearing fruit,

the love of being food for someone,

the scattering of your seeds,

the decay of the seasons,

the mystery of death,

and the miracle of birth.

  from Earth Prayers, by John Soos

Welcome to the new site, which is a continuation of Alamance Creek Music. I have a lot of lesser-known historic piano pieces to post and share with you as time goes on, and I plan to keep up my pursuit of composing modest original pieces. I hope some of both types will appeal to my fellow pianists.

There may not be frequent message entries from me, but I’ll add music scores once a month to the other composers archive even if not to this blog’s main feature posts, and along the way I’ll no doubt share some random nature photos. This little garden frog I noticed a couple of days ago will be the first test feature (clipped from a big original because I couldn’t get too close!)