Site Background

This new site is an outgrowth of my earlier effort called Alamance Creek Music. Links under Resources here will take you to the digital sheet music that is still deposited there. The shortcut  brings up a list of titles that link directly to the files. If you choose the archives, they contain text and “butterfly” icon links that still operate and allow you to explore the background of the pieces written from the late 90’s forward. Because of the need to create code for that site, on Alamance CreekMusic it was more efficient to “bundle” the new age pieces under annual themes, but with this new blog, pieces will be added whenever I finish them, in individual posts. “Categories” will be used to show what will be published in each future calendar year (on right side column of the blog).

The main menu under the title banner has buttons for other related efforts such as youtube videos etc. and a link to the Alamance CreekMusic main page, which continues to publish historic music.  Everything is in acrobat to allow for printing and sight reading.

I hope to get an occasional comment from readers, now that there is a blog feature, and I will continue to offer my own modest writing. Please continue to go to Alamance CreekMusic for the scores of  lesser-known historic pieces that are shown there roughly every month. Regards, Leslie Wagle

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